Sandberg offers relief from ‘Bass Player’s Shoulder’

Bass players may sometimes joke about it, but the physical wear and tear caused by toting a heavyweight instrument can be very real and seriously debilitating over the years. To the rescue comes German bass specialist Sandberg, which has just announced new Super-Light models, available in TT or TM format in four or five string versions.

Sandberg says that it has noticed an increasing demand for lighter weight models from customers ordering basses over the past four or five years and its answer to the challenge was to come up with a cedar bodied instrument with a Norwegian maple or pau ferro neck. Helping keep the weight down, all the hardware is aluminium (even the control plate) but despite this Sandberg says the bass’s tone isn’t compromised.

The Super Light options now appear on Sandberg’s website configurator and can be selected when specifying one of its basses, which now eight only 2,6kg for the four string versions and 2.9kg for the five string models.

All the basses are active powered and feature Sandberg’s ‘Black Label’ pickups which are voiced to give a more vintage style tone.

Available in the matte finish only, the colour options are Black Burst, Red Burst or Sun Burst. UK prices include TM or TT pickup configurations: TT 4 is £1,475 or as a five string, £1,599. The TM4 is £,1495 or £1,625 for the five string model.