Nembrini Launches Bass Hammer Plugin

Nembrini Audio launches the Bass Hammer plugin which is engineered for advanced bass tone sculpting. Modelled on the Aguilar Tone Hammer* which is renowned...

Aria UK Ltd Unveils Exciting New Additions to SB Bass Series

Aria UK Ltd is proud to introduce its latest lineup of bass guitars, which includes two new SB basses, SB-700 and SB-ONE to compliment...
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Sadowsky Metrolinevideo

Sadowsky MetroLine 21-Fret Vintage M/J Bass – Bass Guitar Review

Here's our review of a Sadowsky MetroLine 21-Fret Vintage M/J bass, featuring... 34" (864 mm) long scale Bolt-on construction Sleek undersized J-Style body with...
Warwick Gnomevideo

Warwick Gnome Amp Head & Cab – Bass Guitar Review

Here's our review of a Warwick Gnome Amp Head & Cab, featuring... Amp Head: solid-state design, class D amplifier circuitry 200 W at 4 ohms...
Orange Little Bass Thing

Bass Guitar Review Xtra

Becky Baldwin

Interviewed – Becky Baldwin

Becky Baldwin is a dynamic live performer, as her shows with prominent UK metal band Fury will be showcasing on their current UK tour. Bass Guitar...
Marco Mendoza

Interviewed: Marco Mendoza

Marco Mendoza has a CV that’s the envy of many of his fellow bassists. Having proven himself the safe pair of hands for all...