Xvive G1

Xvive G1: State-of-the-Art Guitar Stand Available Now

Xvive, best known for their wireless systems including the popular U2 Guitar Wireless System, is introducing a new guitar stand that offers guitarists and...

Introducing: StroboClip HDC

StroboClip: Re-Chargeable Clip-On Strobe Tuner with Colour HD LCD Screen from Peterson. Peterson StroboClip HDC True High-Definition Strobe Tuning for your Headstock With the launch of...
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Sadowsky Metrolinevideo

Sadowsky MetroLine 21-Fret Vintage M/J Bass – Bass Guitar Review

Here's our review of a Sadowsky MetroLine 21-Fret Vintage M/J bass, featuring... 34" (864 mm) long scale Bolt-on construction Sleek undersized J-Style body with...
Warwick Gnomevideo

Warwick Gnome Amp Head & Cab – Bass Guitar Review

Here's our review of a Warwick Gnome Amp Head & Cab, featuring... Amp Head: solid-state design, class D amplifier circuitry 200 W at 4 ohms...
Orange Little Bass Thing

Bass Guitar Review Xtra

Becky Baldwin

Interviewed – Becky Baldwin

Becky Baldwin is a dynamic live performer, as her shows with prominent UK metal band Fury will be showcasing on their current UK tour. Bass Guitar...
Marco Mendoza

Interviewed: Marco Mendoza

Marco Mendoza has a CV that’s the envy of many of his fellow bassists. Having proven himself the safe pair of hands for all...