Yamaha Celebrates Singular Bass Icon Peter Hook With Peter Hook Signature BB Bass

Yamaha have introduced the Peter Hook Signature BB bass, a unique instrument honouring the enduring relationship between Yamaha and the celebrated artist.

“Peter Hook is one of the most influential bassists in rock music,” said Dave Miner, Product Marketing Manager, Yamaha Guitar Group. “His work with Joy Division and New Order expanded the vocabulary of the instrument and continues to inspire musicians around the world. The BB series has been an important part of his sound, beginning with those iconic albums and continuing with his touring today. We are so proud to express our appreciation of that history with this signature model.”

Throughout his 40-plus-year career, Hook has chosen Yamaha BB basses for their assertive sound and durable construction. The Peter Hook Signature BB bass combines influences from his longtime companion BB1200S and the BB734A he currently plays on tour with Peter Hook & The Light.

The distinctive “BB1200S Red” finish on the 3-piece body and matching headstock evokes Hook’s classic instrument, as does the single reversed pickup. The VSP7n split single-coil is paired with a true active/passive preamp to offer the best of both classic and modern BB tone. As on Hook’s BB734A, a 3-band EQ is available in the active mode, and the Treble knob acts as a master tone control in the passive mode. Hook’s signature is screened on the back of the headstock, above a nod to “Manchester, England!” In even these small details, this signature bass celebrates the history of this luminary artist, and his indelible influence on modern music.

Pricing: £1129 RRP

For more information, visit uk.yamaha.com

ABOUT YAMAHA GUITARSYamaha began manufacturing classical guitars in the early 1940s, expanding to electric and steel-string acoustic guitars by 1966, the year in which they started exporting guitars internationally. Combining traditional craftsmanship with innovative technologies, Yamaha produces some of the best-selling guitars and amplifiers in the world—and the Yamaha Guitar Group now includes both the Line 6 and Ampeg brands.