Teach Me Music Academy Josh Hammond at The UK Bass Guitar Show

In this Masterclass, Josh Hammond and Teach Me Music Academy will take an interactive look at how bass line creation works. Learn how to create a bass line in any style, in any key with a little bit of theory and technique. Recommended for any bassist who wants to get creative, learn to add tasty fills and find the right groove for any band or song.

Josh Hammond has spent 15 years in the music industry building a professional portfolio working as a session musician, educator, touring and recording bass player. Graduating with a BA (hons) in Professional Musicianship from BIMM. Josh has performed throughout the UK over recent years; touring with original bands such as Rise to Remain, Aurora and commercial shows such as Circus of Horrors. Having taught for the academy for over 7 years, Josh is regarded as one of Teach Me Music Academy’s most respected educators and has a huge passion for bass guitar.