MEC Bass Pickups With Brushed Metal Housings Now Available

The brand new MEC bass pickups, previously announced at NAMM 2020, in brushed metal housings with a noble finish and optimally protected against interferences and damage, are now available from MEC.

The MEC bass pickups are manufactured by hand in their factory. Available in this series will be P, J, PJ, MM and soapbar-style pickups for 4, 5 and 6 string basses, both as a set and individually. Their sound and pickup quality correspond to the current MEC pickups, which are known to enjoy a very good reputation on the market. Warwick already use these new pickups as standard on all Custom Shop / Masterbuilt basses.

Requests from other instrument manufacturers are welcome

Manufacturers who would also like to equip their instruments with MEC Pickups are welcome to contact them by e-mail:

The product range of MEC Pickups:

  • Guitar pickups
  • Bass pickups
  • Double bass pickup
  • Bass electronics (passive and active)
  • Potentiometers
  • Switches
  • Connection sockets
  • Various parts, such as circuit boards, battery compartments and shielding spray

Also in the range of MEC Pickups, among others:

  • ST style pickups with chrome or gold cover
  • P90 soapbar pickups with chrome or gold cover
  • Humbucker pickups with chrome or gold cover
  • Framus Vintage Atlantic guitar pickups
  • Jazz guitar pickups
  • Completely equipped pickguards
  • Soapbar Bass Pickups for 5- or 6-string basses
  • Vintage singlecoil and humbucker bass pickups with chrome or gold cover
  • Electriv double bass pickups, also for left-handed instruments

For more information about MEC Pickups, please visit: