Laney Launch New 2021 Bass Range

British guitar and bass brand Laney, are pleased to announce their new bass amplification and pedal range for 2021.

The Laney Digbeth range of Bass amplification and matching cabinets have a vintage aesthetic, harking back to the looks and sounds of the 60’s & 70’s, the Digbeth range takes vintage tone and looks, and combines it with ultra-modern functionality and British design and engineering.

Named after the location of the original Laney factory in Digbeth, Birmingham. This complete new range comprises of 500W and 200W heads, plus a floor based pre amp pedals and a range of powerful, custom designed, matching cabinets.

Laney DB500H


The all new Digbeth Bass amplifiers celebrate Laney’s heritage in bass. Packed with vintage appeal and ultramodern functionality the DB500H (500W) AND DB200H (200W) gives the modern bass player a range of FET and Tube tones not previously available in a compact, powerful and portable bass amp.

Laney DB200H


The Laney Digbeth DB-PRE is a powerful, ultra-portable Bass pre amp pedal. Designed to deliver the Digbeth tone in a ‘fly ready’ format. Featuring both FET & TUBE signal paths and with incredible tone shaping capabilities, the DB-PRE is loaded with comprehensive ins/outs allowing it to be a player’s main standalone bass tone as well as part of any existing bass rig.


Laney DBV810


The Digbeth DBV810-4 is a classic stage ready cabinet, loaded with 8×10” vintage voiced custom designed HH Black Label series ceramic drivers. Designed to move some serious air, it generates a warm punchy vintage tone capable of filling the biggest stadiums. The DBV810-4 pairs beautifully with the DB500H, really punches your bass sound through the mix and, let’s face it, looks cool!

Laney DBV212


The DBV212-4 is a powerful, dynamic, compact mid-sized cabinet loaded with a pair of vertically aligned 2×12” vintage voiced HH Black Label series ceramic drivers. Designed to accentuate the impressive punch and tone of its ceramic drivers and move some serious air, the DBV212-4 may have a small footprint but its pro performance is anything but small! Equally at home or on stage orstudio gig, the DBV212-4 delivers masses of punchy warm vintage tone. The DBV212-4 matches with either the DB500H or DB200HDigbeth heads.

Laney DBV410


The Digbeth DBV410-4 is designed for the bass player who demands a powerful and dynamic single compact cabinet set up. Loaded with 4×10” vintage-voiced HH Black Label series ceramic drivers, the DBV410-4 is designed to accentuate the impressivemidrange punch and tone of the drivers working together in a tuned cabinet. It delivers superb top-end tone thanks to the 1” LaVoce Compression driver, and its warm vintage tone is at home on any stage or studio gig. The DBV410-4 matches with eitherthe DB500H or DB200H Digbeth heads.


Black Country Customs (BCC) is Laney’s UK workshop. Following the success of Laney’s BCC guitar pedal range. 2021, see’s the release of three new Bass pedals, each hand-crafted, beautifully constructed and sonically inspiring. The range comprises of a Studio-quality compressor, an expressive interval pedal and a powerful distortion unit. Named after various locations in Laney’shistory, BCC bass pedals pay tribute to Laney’s legacy in bass.


Studio quality compression. Designed to be transparent, simple to use and deliver a consistent musical sound without impairing any of the fundamental tonal quality of your instrument. The Custard Factory is perfect for giving you the exact compression you’re looking for whatever your bass tone. 3 Modes of compression:Fast, Medium & Slow.

Transparent fully buffered operation at all times. Silent switching. Excellent consistent load for passive volume pedals. It’s also named after the original location of the Laney factory- previously owned by Byrds custard!

THE 85: BCC-T85

Interval pedal The 85 gives you independent control of an Octave down and an additional switchable ‘Interval’ control, allowing for an extra octave up, 2 octaves down or a perfect 5th above your original note. Focus control allows you to fine tune the character, from classic funky subs to massive synth-like chords. All with pro level tracking. 3 Modes: +1 octave up, -2 octaves down & Perfect 5th up Transparent fully buffered operation at all times Silent switching Excellent consistent load for passive volume pedals. The pedal is named after Lyndon Laney’s bus route to work at the original Laney premises.


Characterful distortion A bass distortion pedal dedicated to giving you all the tonal distortion you’re looking for in a singlepedal. Featuring 2 different modes of Distortion

and an Overdrive, the Blackheath delivers the classic distortion you want, from aggressive distortion through tube-like distortion, to subtle distortions that add character to clean sounds. 3 Modes: Dist 1, Dist 2 and Overdrive Transparent fully buffered operation at all times Silent switching Excellent consistent load for passive volume pedals.