IK Multimedia Announces deCoda Giveaway

IK Multimedia has partnered with zplane and now through to February 16th, 2021, they’re offering a version of deCoda to registered iRig users completely free of charge. deCoda is zplane’s powerful song-learning and music analysis application that’s hugely practical for all levels of musicians.

What deCoda does
Just drop an audio file into the opening screen and deCoda does its analysis: recognizing key, tempo, and sections of any song in seconds. From there you can slow the song down, and edit deCoda’s song structure analysis.

deCoda was built from the ground up to help players learn new songs. Aside from the analysis tools, deCoda also packs a set of flexible looping options to help you nail that tricky passage by the powers of repetition.

AmpliTube users will be pleased to know that deCoda supports AU and VST2/3 plug-ins so you can fire up a tone in AmpliTube and play along with any song within the program.

How to get deCoda LE
New and existing owners of the following products are eligible for this deal:

  • iRig HD 2
  • iRig Pre HD
  • iRig Pro I/O
  • iRig Pro Duo
  • iRig Pro Duo I/O
  • iRig Stomp I/O
  • iRig Keys I/O 25 and 49
  • iRig Acoustic Stage

Simply visit IK Multimedia, log into your account (or create one) and register your iRig. We’ll send an email to confirm your account registration with a promotion key and instructions on how to get your free copy of deCoda LE. If your eligible iRig is already registered, you’ll see a pop-up message with your promotion key and instructions in your IK User Area.

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