Darkglass Electronics announces launch of Microtubes 900 v2 Limited Bass Amp

At NAMM 2019 Darkglass launched their next generation Microtubes 900 v2 bass amplifier to great acclaim.

However, creating limited run and special editions has become a bit of a cool tradition at Darkglass, so for September 2019 the brand wanted to have something truly special, which is why they have collaborated once again with Christopher Lovellon producing the Microtubes 900 V2 Limited in an sleek and unique black finish with a stunning laser etched artwork.

This amazing artist has become a true Instagram sensation as of late with some of the most epic, dark artwork that has been seen in the past few years. He is also an excellent metal guitarist and loved the idea of having more of his artwork featured on the meanest sounding bass amplification in production.

The Microtubes 900 V2 lends itself beautifully to a limited edition as the whole top lid could be used as the canvas for Lovell’s “Euryale” piece. To check out more of Christopher’s artwork please check his Instagram @lovellart.

It’s been an absolute honour and pleasure collaborating with Darkglass. I have always loved Greek mythology and the tragic story of Medusa. I’d been wanting to do my own take on her and her two sisters, originally envisioning the three of them as a 3 print art set. I started with Medusa and wanted to give her a sinister beauty, rather than the demonic creature she’s often depicted as”, states Chris Lovell about his inspiration.

“I was keen for Euryale to have a more bad ass look compared to her more elegant and sophisticated sister! Compositionally I wanted her mirroring Medusa so that side by side they are facing each other so they work well as a set. Like the Medusa artwork I wanted Euryale to look like she is floating, her hair plaits and dreadlocks floating up to give a sense of gentle motion while she remains still”

Microtubes 900 V2 Limited retains all the features that the regular version has, but in this finish is sure to be a hit with many bass players who want something a little special.

Main Features

  • Unique limited edition laser engraved artwork in striking black finish
  • 900 W RMS Class D Power Output
  • Selectable anlog drive circuits: B3K and VMT
  • Dual 1⁄4”/Speakon jacks
  • Dual XLR Out – Pre AND Post
  • Built-in Adjustable studio-grade VCA compression
  • Auxiliary In and Headphone Jack with separate volume control
  • Memory for 3 Impulse responses via the Cab Select switch
  • MIDI for remote switching, configurable with the Darkglass Suite
  • USB connector to load IRs, MIDI learning and more
  • Ultra-quiet 6-band graphic EQ
  • 8/4/2 Ohm load compatible
  • Supplied with Intelligent Footswitch
    (Super Intelligent Footswitch sold separately)

UK ERP £1069

www.darkglass.com and www.audiodistributiongroup.com