Darkglass Electronics announce Microtubes X Ultra Bass Pedal

The new Microtubes X Ultra is now shipping to the UK from Audio Distribution Group.

In 2018 Darkglass Electronics launched their Microtubes X series of versatile multiband drive pedals to great acclaim. With the new model rounding out the range, Microtubes X Ultra greatly expands on the already immense versatility of the X pedals, for those players that want the ultimate studio or live bass fly rig in a pedal format.

Main Features

  • Selectable Clean Channel (NEW)/ Unique Multiband Bass Distortion
  • Pure Analog Signal Path
  • Variable LF compressor
  • 6-band Graphic EQ – NEW
  • Balanced XLR output with switchable IR cabinet simulation – NEW
  • Connect to your PC/Mac to load different Virtual Cabinets via Micro-USB and free ‘Darkglass Suite’ software – NEW
  • 3.5mm Headphone output and Auxiliary input, perfect for practicing etc. – NEW
  • Made in Finland

Distorting bass has always been a very challenging engineering endeavour. In order to achieve a punchy and aggressive distortion, that is also full and fat-sounding, you really need to reconcile two contradicting conditions, states DG.

The tightness comes from attenuating bass frequencies before saturation, which will also result in a very thin signal, however boosting the lows can also result in additional, unwanted fuzz. To solve this paradox, audio engineers have been using multiband distortions in the studio for a few decades now.


With the Microtubes X Ultra, the audio is split by two variable low-pass and high-pass filters at the very start of the signal chain. The high-pass signal (mostly the mid and treble tones) is distorted using CMOS circuitry, just like our other regular Microtubes pedal circuits. The low pass-signal (all bass) is left clean and then is processed by the variable built in compressor. This lets the high frequencies be all crunch, attack and full of rich harmonics, all while mixing back in the undistorted lows to add gargantuan size to the overall mix. The result is virtually unlimited fullness, size, aggression and definition, regardless of how old the strings are or even if your instrument is just boomy or thin sounding.

Microtubes X7 Ultra adds a 6-band graphic equalizer with perfectly tailored mid controls for maximum tonal flexibility. Plus, by equipping the pedal with our award-winning impulse response cabinet simulation module, to the already über versatile multiband distortion engine and graphic equalizer, all helps to make Microtubes X Ultra the complete rig-in-a-box for studio and live performing.

Pressing the Distortion footswitch, selects a Clean channel that bypasses the low pass filter, all while leaving the full range, clean signal, compressor, EQ and cab-sim engaged, so you can now switch from a crystal clean to massive distortion with a simple stomp. In addition, the Auxiliary Input and Headphone Output, with cab sim, makes the pedal perfect for practicing. This allows you to connect your PC or mobile device to your pedal to play along with your favourite songs and backing tracks in total silence.

UK ERP £395 Available now.