BOSS Announces Version 3 Update for the GT-1000

Boss has announced a free firmware update to its flagship GT-1000 guitar effects processor, adding bass guitar support, new footswitch modes, and more.

Free for all GT-1000 owners, the Version 3 update brings bass guitar support with three AIRD bass pre-amp types and a large selection of bass-tuned effects. Manual and Pedalboard modes have been added as well, offering even more options for real-time effects control. The GT-1000’s AIRD Output Select library has also been expanded with 13 new selections, providing optimised interfacing with a wider range of amplification systems.

Boss’s GT-10B was a long-time favourite among bassists, providing amps, effects, and DI capabilities in one convenient floorboard. The manufacturer says: ‘With the new bass-focused features in Version 3, the GT-1000 delivers ‘next-generation’ bass performance with advanced sound quality, ultra-flexible features, and an even more compact size. Three AIRD bass preamps provide core tone shaping, while eight different bass overdrive/distortion effects are on hand for additional color and gain. There’s also a bass compressor powered by MDP tech, plus chorus, flanger, touch wah, and many other effect types specially tuned for bass’.

GT-1000 Version 3 includes new footswitch modes for more control on stage and in the studio. Manual mode – a popular feature found in previous-generation GT processors – allows the user to set up on/off control of any amp or effect on a secondary layer that can be accessed with a footswitch assignment. ‘The all-new Pedalboard mode takes an even more direct approach for players wanting a traditional stompbox experience, providing a dynamic effects layout that’s outside the normal patch structure and always ready to go when needed,’ Boss says.

One of the GT-1000’s most powerful benefits is its AIRD Output Select functionality, which gives the user consistent tone with any connected device, whether it’s a regular amp input, amp effects return, PA mixer, or recording interface. Version 3 adds 11 types to the large guitar-based AIRD Output Select collection in the GT-1000, plus 2 types for the new AIRD bass pre-amps.

The GT-1000 Version 3 update is available as a free download and can be installed by connecting the GT-1000 to a Mac or Windows computer via USB.